Premeditated crime

This days we quite often hear about cases about men being chased by CSA, judiciary and Bob and his uncle for not paying child support. In US alone there are over 60 thousand "agents" whose only purpose is to track down fathers that do not pay. Although the debtors prisons were outlawed some time ago, there are debtors prisons for such "deadbeats", normal laws do no seem to apply to fathers. Media denigrates them as "dead beat dads", evil, uncaring brutes who let their children starve and worse. Government is constantly promising new schemes to track them down and make them face the music while judiciary are all too happy to lay their corrupt thieving greasy fingers on those reprobates and asset strip them. Police goes out of their ways bending backward so much to threat them as worst kind of criminals, abusing their rights, bullying and harassing them that they almost walk around with  their heads stuck up their hind orifice. General idea is to paint every father going through divorce industries mangles as uncaring, unworthy, deceitful and lying abusive monster.

But wait a minute! Remove the feminazi media denigration and misandry creating the illusion of dastardly fathers and check again. If we properly examine the facts we can see completely different picture and all the bull ricochets strait back into liars faces.

Fact is that, however the powers that be are trying to brainwash you with misinformation, truths stretched to breaking point and downright lies - ball always ends back in their court upon examination of the FACTS.

The plain fact is that Government, judiciary, police, CSA and feminazi controlled media are THE perpetrators of the worst crimes against children and men.

Let me expand on that statement, let the figures (from US but apply to any "civilised" western county with very minor variations) speak for themselves:

Out of 26.9% of fathers who default, 62% are UNABLE to pay (no job, ill, disabled, whatever etc.)
(Source: GAO report: GAO/HRD-92-39 FS).

I hope that pissed on their cornflakes for trying to present all men as dead beat dads,

However, there is a lot more sinister side to it all. It is the active, fully conscious  part our governments, judiciary, police, media etc. play in participating, encouraging and promoting the crime. Lying to us to secure financial gains is fraud, a criminal act. Deliberately conspiring to destroy large portion of population through deception (men and their children, and therefore our society) is TREASON.

There is one crime which without any doubt is premeditated and executed with utmost prejudice and is fully supported by powers that be. Crime of paternity fraud. Crime involving deliberate fraud to obtain financial gain, involuntary servitude, entrapment, nondisclosure, fraudulent concealment, financial gains under false pretence, unfair exploitation and dishonest appropriation by deceit.  All those are criminal acts. There are also, quite frequent actually, cases where murder charge should be added to those other criminal acts. Not to mention child abuse, mental abuse, breach of trust and lot more.

We all know that there is no chance not to know who the mother of the child is. Men on the other hand are not so lucky. Their trust is quite often abused and they end up being duped in believing to be the father of the child that is not actually their offspring. Yes, I heard many reports that say that poor mother "honestly did not know". That is utter bullshit!!


Lets face the facts. If she cared about relationship / marriage she was in she WOULD NOT screw around. That, after getting pregnant she did not check who's child it is and arranged to abort or at least come clean about possibility of pregnancy with different man but pinned fatherhood on her partner / husband is clear proof of deliberate fraud. It also shows that the self cantered interest of the immoral beast comes first. If she lived in a nice house with good earner why would she compromise that for simple truth? No gilt or remorse for some poor bastard who works his knuckles of to the bone to provide for cuckoo and her offspring either. Quite contrary, in case of divorce she'll pursue him with all her might to keep him enslaved so she can "keep the life style she is accustomed to". She'll use somebody else's kid/s to try and deceive and defraud further for her financial gains. And it does not matter if she never earned a penny in her life but was clearly kept woman, she will still demand (at least) half of everything for her "contribution" to the household. However sick this sounds it is not the pinnacle of her putrid morality yet.

Apparently, women tell lies so they don't hurt other people's feelings. Incredible! So she does not tell you that she f**ked your mate or whoever and got the bun in the oven 'cos it might hurt your feelings but the fact that for many years you'll be supporting her because of that lie does not bother her at all. That, once you discover the truth the shock might drive you to destruction, turn your life to meaningless vegetating and ultimately to suicide as a means to escape it all seems to be a minor detail. It takes an incredibly rotten, immoral, unscrupulous creature to afflict so much damage. It takes psychopathic mindset where only the self is important and nothing else matters, where even own children are seen as nothing more but the tool to achieve self gratification. Lawlessness, immorality and irresponsibility are just natural path. Destroying all around you with impunity is exciting, a trill and stepping on abused and even dead is just collateral damage unavoidable in their pursuit of grandiose sense of self worth and self admiration. Psychopaths are master manipulators and their most prominent trait is their severe lack of conscience. One of common responses when being confronted with undisputable evidence of their wrongdoing is totally emotionless "I haven't done anything wrong". They might appear perfectly normal and therefore very difficult to unmask but they are emotionally very stunted individuals with very serious personality disorder. And it goes further still.

If you had children of your own from previous relationship you would love to spend money on them but more often than not it is not possible to extent you'd like to due to your commitments. That means that those children suffer the consequences of her lie too and are deprived of what should be rightfully theirs, losing opportunity to have better life and some of their inheritance too. In legal speak she has committed act of theft from your children by means of deceit. Another party that is defrauded is of course, the biological father. He id deprived of joy of fatherhood, of time with his offspring and denial of choice. It also amounts to parental abduction on her part. Kidnapping, plainly speaking, is another criminal act.

However, the most heinous crime is that towards her own child/ren. What kind of monster does it take to do such thing to her own child? To deny the child his/her right to know its true parent. By presenting false medical history to health professionals (wrong DNA origins) not only she commits another fraud but potentially puts her own child/s life in danger. If child's life depended on parental DNA for treatment it might be far to late to go and search for true biological father. Or, does it ever occur to her what will discovery of the truth do to a child? That it can potentially drive her own child to life of pain, resentment, underachievement and even suicide? It is known to have happened so it is not just an empty theory.

Yet, not only our powers that be are not punishing such crimes but they positively support it. There are numerous cases where men have proven through DNA test that they are not biological father but they are still forced to pay support under threat of losing drivers licence, passport, home and even being incarcerated. Those lucky enough to have been acknowledged as being wronged have no real recourse to get their money back in most cases. And bringing the case to court to sue the bitch for damages is actively discouraged by judiciary through their denial of accepting cases like that (unless you live in Spain). Only recently a man (conned for 17 years) was refused his right to claim for damages, it was dismissed by Bournemouth County Court judge  had his claim to appeal refused by one of the biggest shits in UK judiciary, "justice" Thorpe. Even trying to get court to issue an order for DNA test could take years of "direction hearings" and constant delay techniques that it is almost impossible to achieve. And even if you succeed there are only few court approved testers and complete denial of right to an independent test. Would you, could you trust the results produced by those who work hand in hand with corrupt courts without having a choice (at your own expense) for second opinion?

Why do you think such crimes are allowed to happen? Why do we not hear more about it?

Because if there is no punishment to fit the crime and possibility of easily accessible restitution for the victim, crime is encouraged. Because the mantra "in the best interest of the child" is nothing more then criminal deceit by corrupt powers that be.Because most people DO NOT want to know until it affects them. Because most people do not want to "rock the boat". Because most people are not prepared to stand up and challenge the state of affairs. Because most people are much rather preoccupied with football, TV soaps and going to the pub then with welfare of their children or the state of decline of society. Because most people are brainwashed shit for brains automatons remotely controlled by "pillars of society" through their illusion of peachy life reality. Because... I could go on for hours probably but I believe you got the idea. Wake up and act.

Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

By virtue of being here and reading this I hope that you are one of those individuals who have woken up to the truth and are prepared to take a stand to uphold the rights to justice, liberty and our children's right to secure abuse free future and not just another Shitizen Sheeple who has got lost.